Glanceable news using the new NOS API

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I had been aware of the fact that our Dutch public broadcaster NOS was going to open up their news using an API. During the run up to this I gave them a couple of pointers concerning what we think are great APIs and must-haves for this kind of thing.

Then they launched to a limited amount of people at first to play around with and see the initial beginnings. It is quite modest right now with three end-points and not a lot of functionality or content to play with, but it’s a solid beginning and it is clearly meant to grow.

Ons Nieuws — Het laatste nieuws van

Busy though we are right now, I got a bit of an itch on Monday and whipped together this simple example: Ons Nieuws which is a glanceable news display of the latest news on meant to replace the tt101 screens that run at pretty much every news/publicity department.

Ons Nieuws is heavily influenced among others by: DEXTR. Glanceability and ambiance seems to be getting back in vogue also with apps such as Trickle. This thing we whipped up is really a very simple proof of concept version mainly meant to exercise the API, but it may lead to more serious applications.