Dutch Data Drinks #2

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After the first Dutch Data Drinks many people asked about the following edition. We’ve been busy thinking about the next event with a better venue and a light formal program, but we’ve been busy and somewhat pre-empted by our friends from Mobile Monday.

Their 18th edition on November 8th is on our topic: Data. So instead of organizing an event in November, I would like to point all of you towards there. It is a very nice event and like I said there will be data and there will be drinks, ergo: Dutch Data Drinks.

Their RSVP process is somewhat notorious due to the popularity of the event. So stay tuned for their first batch of tickets released on: Monday, October 25th – 12:00. After that there will be another batch and if anybody from this group hasn’t managed to get in by then, we’ll see if we can make other arrangements. But let me emphasize: you should be able to get in via the normal process if you just go to the Meetup page at the given time.

So see you all on the 8th of November!

Speaking at the Club of Amsterdam

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For an upcoming presentation at the Club of Amsterdam on the Future of Hacking, Alper will be presenting on an intersection of APIs, public information and game design titled: “Civic duty in a hyper-connected world”


The Internet of Things is an abstract term for something that is quickly becoming real. The world is being filled with sensors and actuators, all of which are linked into systems and being fed back to us with real and virtual displays. This is changing the fabric of society and the definition of what society is. It is our responsibility as citizens of this hyper-connected world to hack our environments to work better however we can.

Hope to see you there and have a lively discussion on this topic.