Nomination eParticipation Award 2010

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Our old project Vervuilingsalarm unexpectedly got nominated for this years eParticipation Award, an award that showcases successful examples of public services.

The project was a proof of concept protoytype whipped together in a very brief time presciently using Google App Engine and Pachube both of which have grown leaps and bounds since then. Vervuilingsalarm is a concept that shows how you can use standard web technology and scraping to hook sensors into the wider web of data to modernize them and to help others build upon them. That it is still running nicely without any maintenance is a testament to the solidity of Google App Engine.

We would love for attention and funding to expand the project into a wider sensor network with more data patches, interaction and sharing built in to become a hub for Dutch environmental measurements while continuing to use the strength of external services such as Pachube and others.

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