Video of The Rising Tide of Data

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Watch Alper give a broad sweeping introduction on the field of data at a recent Mobile Monday Amsterdam:

Next Week’s Public Appearances

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Next Wednesday Alper will be presenting about Foursquare in the Netherlands, its past, its present and its future on Social Media Club 030 #8.

Alper will also join a Hack de Overheid team of experts to provide technical support at the Conference for Investigative Journalism in Ghent. We will aid journalists with their data issues and questions and we will also develop an application during the conference based on the demand we see.

Update: the slides of the presentation at SMC have been posted to their Slideshare.

The Rising Tide of Data on Mobile Monday

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“The Rising Tide of Data” was a more pared down, less activist, introductory version of “Civicy Duty in a Hyper-Connected World” presented by Alper and it was well received in a solid program by Mobile Monday Amsterdam on Data.

Esther Gons (also pictured below) does visual representations of complicated concepts and she did this sketch of my presentation:

Click for a bigger view and her take on the event.

DaphneChannaHorn-MOMOAms-18 (29 van 59)

Annotated slides and video will be available shortly.

Open Innovation Festival for the city of Amsterdam

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Alper will be giving a one hour workshop to civil servants of the city of Amsterdam concerning open data on the Open Innovation Festival, on December 3rd from 11:00-12:00. This workshop will treat the benefits of open data for the city and the general public of Amsterdam and is a further push of this agenda within the municipality.

The Rising Tide of Data on Mobile Monday

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Alper will be giving a brief data-heavy talk titled “The Rising Tide of Data” at Mobile Monday Amsterdam #18. More to follow.

Dutch Data Drinks #2

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After the first Dutch Data Drinks many people asked about the following edition. We’ve been busy thinking about the next event with a better venue and a light formal program, but we’ve been busy and somewhat pre-empted by our friends from Mobile Monday.

Their 18th edition on November 8th is on our topic: Data. So instead of organizing an event in November, I would like to point all of you towards there. It is a very nice event and like I said there will be data and there will be drinks, ergo: Dutch Data Drinks.

Their RSVP process is somewhat notorious due to the popularity of the event. So stay tuned for their first batch of tickets released on: Monday, October 25th – 12:00. After that there will be another batch and if anybody from this group hasn’t managed to get in by then, we’ll see if we can make other arrangements. But let me emphasize: you should be able to get in via the normal process if you just go to the Meetup page at the given time.

So see you all on the 8th of November!

Dutch Data Drinks #1

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We thought it would be an interesting challenge to hold an informal data event on the fringe of PICNIC after three days of conferencing. Thus were born the Dutch Data Drinks on Friday, September 24th in the Ketelhuis. We couldn’t have imagined that it would become such a success.

We had 30+ people cross-cutting disciplines from academia, business, policy, design and technology from Amsterdam and outside. Discussions were lively and ranged from the most technical to the more ideological.

Dutch Data Drinks

What is definitive is that there will be a follow-up. Interest for the event was plentiful, but tonight was mired with scheduling conflicts. The next one will probably have a brief program of lightning talks, but will then also be largely focused on getting people interacting with each other. Ideas, projects, venue suggestions and sponsorship welcome!

Thanks to all those that attended, and to James Burke for encouraging the organization.